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Building Brand Recognition Using Giveaway T-shirts

Woman wearing T-shirt promoting brand recognition

When customers wear your giveaway t-shirts, they automatically promote your business. Henceforth, the more people do this, the greater the potential to build brand recognition. In fact this is the main reason why we recommend building brand recognition using giveaway t-shirts. In the following article, we demonstrate the importance and the reach that giveaway t-shirts can have.

People are more likely to buy from a brand they are familiar with.

It is no secret that familiarity and recognition are what all major brands aim to achieve. This is something that takes time and effort to build. Building a relationship with your customers is the best way to begin to develop brand recognition. The more customers are familiar with your business, the more likely they are to return.

Advantages to building brand recognition using giveaway t-shirts.


We don’t want to give away anything that might end up in the garbage. Customers like gifts that have a practical use. T-shirts are a practical gift that can be worn on a regular basis. For this reason, t-shirts can undoubtedly increase brand recognition. With this in mind the key is picking a color and a design that is eye-catching.


If you’re concerned about your marketing budget, t-shirts are a relatively inexpensive option. Each time your consumers wear them, you’ll be able to maximize their marketing potential. Additionally, purchasing and designing shirts in quantity might save you even more money.

Easy to customize

If you want your project to look good, our recommendation is to hire a graphic designer. Typically they are familiar with the necessary file types and print resolutions needed. Screen printing is one of the most common methods for printing shirts. Purchasing screen printed t-shirts in bulk often results in big savings. Digital printing is also becoming a lot more popular these days. It is a low-cost option that produces sharp prints. However, this method can be very expensive when purchased in low quantities.

Design variety

If your target market is teenagers, you’ll need cropped shirts, which are now a fashion statement.  There are a wide variety of t-shirt designs available. An effective t-shirt marketing campaign can be achieved with the correct fabric and design.

T-shirts never go out of style

When it comes to fashion, we are all aware that t-shirts are a timeless staple. As a result, customers will constantly wear your gift. Generally speaking this will increasing the recognition of your brand even more. Given these points make certain that your shirts are of good quality so that they will last for years to come.

Ready to order giveaway shirts?

ICONIC specializes in providing long-lasting, high-quality giveaway shirts for our clients. With the support of our graphic design team, you can focus on narrowing down designs that are most likely to build stronger brand recognition. Get in touch with us immediately to begin the process of placing an order.