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Company Uniforms Can Help Increase Productivity

Employees’ most prevalent complaint about their uniforms is that they are ill-fitting or uncomfortable.
Increase productivity with company uniforms.

Regardless of the size of your business, company uniforms help increase productivity for numerous reasons. Uniforms play an important role in enhancing your business’s efficiency as it allows you to represent your brand via your workforce. Studies show that employees productivity can be greatly reduced by poorly designed uniforms.

Should you change your company uniforms?

When your staff doesn’t feel comfortable in their uniforms, they will eventually pushback. Ignoring your employees’ concerns about their workwear will not help you in the long run. If ignored long term you will begin to notice a decrease in your organization’s productivity. Ask you self these questions when deciding whether to update your uniforms or not.

Are your uniforms comfortable?

Employees’ most prevalent complaint about their uniforms is that they are ill-fitting or uncomfortable. Employees cannot function well if their uniforms do not provide them with enough comfort throughout the day.

Are your uniforms outdated?

If you designed your business uniforms a decade ago, the style most likely does not meet today’s trends. You may hesitate to modify your workers’ uniforms because you believe it will have a negative influence on your brand identity. Take into consideration how your staff appear while attending meetings and speaking with clients. Take into consideration the uniform styles of your competitors. Recognizing this as an important component of your marketing strategy.

How durable are your uniforms?

Because of tight budgets, some businesses may choose to purchase low-quality uniforms. If your uniform fabric is cheap and shrinks after a few washes you may find your self buying uniforms more often then you would like.  As a result, your employees may be ashamed to wear such low-quality uniforms and your budget will suffer grater in the long run. For this reason we always recommend buying the adequate type of garments for the type of work your employees will be performing.

How can you make your company uniforms better?

In order for your company uniforms to help increase productivity and improve customers satisfaction. It is important to choose uniforms that are both functional and long lasting. If you want to make sure that your uniforms are a resounding success, follow these guidelines.

Make sure the fabric is comfortable.

The ideal uniform should strike a balance between elegance and comfort while keeping a professional appearance. To get the most ROI, consider choosing the optimal fabric for the environment your employees will be in. Always choose high-quality fabrics. Keep in mind your staff will be wearing them for 8-10 hours a day at work. If you’re looking forward to wearing bright or dark-colored garments, be sure the color doesn’t fade after the first usage.

The uniforms should reflect your brand.

You should never use distracting colors that don’t match to your brand’s logo and identity. If your company’s trademarks are blue, always wear uniforms that are contain blue as the predominant color. Remember that color constancy is the key to success, and it also plays a significant role in brand memory. In addition to the company logo, you should include your brand slogan in the same typeface on the uniforms. Your clients will grow acquainted with your business while dealing with your employees, thanks to consistent branding. They will eventually develop into devoted customers.

Uniforms should match the work

Suppose that some of your workers are assigned with doing laborious jobs in potentially hazardous places such as a warehouse. If the pants are too loose or too long, they may get snagged on things, resulting in an accident. Furthermore, if some of your workers work near high voltages of electricity. You should provide a safer atmosphere for them by providing flame-resistant clothes for them.

Uniforms should be unique.

Consider adding personalized elements in your uniforms. Staffs often complain about uniforms limiting their ability to stand out amidst the crowd. You can resolve this by embroidering your employees’ names into their uniforms. This would help them build a rapport with customers instantly. As customers would know the name of the person they are interacting with. This would result in them feeling more confident in initiating the conversations. You can even involve your team in the customization process and ask for suggestions about how they would want to showcase their name on their uniforms. This would boost productivity instantly as your employees will know that they are valued and cared for in your organization. These are the main reasons why company uniforms help increase productivity.

Here at ICONIC we specialize in customizing business uniforms. We will assist you in determining the appropriate fabric, fit, and colors to complement your brand. Contact us immediately to begin the process of completing new or existing uniforms today.