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What’s the Difference Between Cotton and Polyester?

Cotton and polyester are two different types of fibers. Cotton is a natural fiber, while polyester is human-made.
Difference Between Cotton And Polyester

In this article we discuss the pros and cons of cotton and polyester. Cotton and polyester are two different types of fibers. Cotton is a natural fiber, while polyester is human-made. But when it comes to making garments, both cotton and polyester are equally viable fibers.

Polyester is best used in active gym clothes because of its hydrophobic properties. This mean that the fibers won’t absorb sweat avoiding unnecessary orders. But if you have cool summer clothes in mind, there is no alternative better than cotton. So before you choose which is the best garment fabric for you, let’s compare them.

Cotton garments

Cotton as a fiber derives from the cotton plant, it is composed of cellulose. Unlike other natural fibers, cotton has a waxy coating, making it water-repellent to a certain extent. Cotton garments are lightweight, breathable, and hypoallergenic. Some of the pros and cons of cotton garments are as follows:

  • Cotton fibers need to be spun tightly into yarns before these can be woven into garments. This makes the garments durable.
  • Cotton garments are versatile as various designs and embroideries can be easily imprinted on the garments.
  • You can wear cotton garments throughout the year to absorb moisture in summer and offer insulation in winter.
  • Cotton garments are strong and do not tear easily.
  • Cotton garments need to be washed carefully to prevent these from shrinking.
  • Cotton garments can be wrinkled easily and hence, needs to be ironed regularly.

Nevertheless, cotton garments are one of the best natural fibers ideal for making quality garments.

Polyester garments

Polyester is a synthetic fiber, which is a category of polymer made by combining coal, petroleum, air, and water. Moreover, Polyester garments are known for their strengths and their ability to dry quickly. Some of the pros and cons of polyester garments are as follows:

  • Polyester garments are resistant to shrinking and wrinkles.
  • Polyester garments dry quickly, which makes this ideal for gym and sports clothes.
  • Polyester garments are very durable.
  • Polyester is very light weight
  • Polyester garments do not breathe.
  • Polyester garments are usually not hypoallergenic
  • Not ideal for people with sensitive skin.
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Thus, both cotton and polyester garments can prove durable and useful when it comes to being worn regularly. However, cotton garments can be more easily embroidered or printed on, whereas you cannot use polyester garments for hot-embossed prints.

If you are making sportswear, it is recommended to use polyester, and cotton garments are ideal for making formal and informal clothes. Nevertheless, both are incredibly versatile and useful fibers that can be used to make stylish garments.